Thursday, March 29, 2012

Live Music

Today was not a great day. I was tired. I was grumpy because of snow and rain and gray and ... and ... and .... It was blah. Blah. BLah.

It all turned around around 6pm. When the Jr. High Jazz band began to play Swamp Monster.

It wasn't just a 'it got less blah' turn around. It was a sit on my seat, move to the music, grin like a fool in love kind of turn around. I'm pretty sure that if you measured my heart rate, it not only would have sounded healthier, it would have sounded happier.

I forget this. But every time I around live music, from the Junior High Jazz band surrounded with family to community to Natalie MacMaster on a special night out with a friend, my spirit is healed and raised up to soaring.

I don't know if music does this for everyone.

But I do believe that everyone has something that does this for them.

What Wakes you up? Can you do it this weekend?

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