Thursday, September 09, 2010

One of the things I love about homeschooling

Today, Marc had the kick-off breakfast for United Way. Anna got to go with him.

Here is a picture of Anna participating in the hooplah:
And here is a picture of her sneaking in some time to do what she loves:

Because of our choice to homeschool, and because of Marc's approach to work and family, our kids have had dozens of opportunities to be involved with what is happening in our community. They have seen adults pulling together to get something done, have seen adults celebrating what has been accomplished, have seen first hand that our donations are going to hurricane relief or the homeless shelter. Organizations like Rotary and United Way aren't just a meeting that Dad goes to with other adults. They have seen and experienced what it is to be a contributing and involved citizen. They have seen that a difference, even if it's a little difference, can be made and is important.

And thinking about it, those are some of the most important lessons that I could offer my kids.

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