Monday, March 09, 2009

Research Paper for Homeschool

We are entering a season of research papers in our homeschool.

I had intended to do this with 9yo Caleb, and 6yo Anna has expressed interest in doing one too. I decided that I would also do a research paper, so that not only will I be telling Caleb what to do, but will be able to show him and walk through the process.

In a rather random way, I've ended up with a homeschool buddy whose son is also going to do a paper. What is most perfect is that she will read Caleb's work and I will read her son's work.

There are some phenomenal resources online to help with writing research papers. The primary source

Other resources that I have found:

I'm hoping to keep posting on our progress as we go along. Our next stop on our journey will be a visit to my favorite local library.

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