Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Updates

Well, life is running along here.

I wanted to let people know (if you read my blog - hi sister Lisa) that in our Christmas letter we mentioned that I was hoping to go back to school this coming fall. While I still have my sights on a higher degree, the time-frame and the direction have again changed. No sour grapes here. Just wondering about the path that I am on.

We optimistically watched more snow melt today. We have many green shoots pushing their way through the soil in our back yards. And the kids are enjoying bikes, scooters, and mud-puddle swings. Anna is even trying to get the courage to use her roller-skates.

So, there is my little newsie update.

1 comment:

renee @ FIMBY said...

Just had to say... I read your blog also *smile. I like knowing what's happening in the Pitman household.

Keep us updated on your higher learning path.