Thursday, February 26, 2009

My birthday - or - falling in love with my life

I woke up thinking in math terms. 4 times Caleb = 36. 12 times Sofia = equals 36. Anna times Anna = 36. And when Sofia turns 4 in 9 days, Caleb times Sofia will = 36. Seriously. That's what I woke up thinking. I had no idea a number could be so cool, but I have to tell you I am pretty excited about being 36. My MIL commented later, when I told her about this, that 36 squares are so fun to work with when you are quilting, too.

anyhow. I had a terrific birthday today. Thank you to everyone for you well-wishes and greetings. I felt so loved and blessed.

My day began with birthday cake in bed. Three kids and one husband came in at 6:30 with three HUGE whoopie pie's from Big G's. They gave me my presents (two very cool mugs) and we ate our birthday cake and drank coffee.

One of the things on my mind was that I wanted to spend the day celebrating all that God has given me, and that meant, on a practical level, playing with the kids.

When I got up, the girls and I made a super-duper marble run.

Marc's mom and Dad called to sing Happy Day.

My Dad called to say Happy Birthday.

Then we went out to play in the snow. Boy is it deep! I only made a few slide runs before I was soaked to the bone and cold, but I love playing in the snow. This summer I am going to watch for snow-pants and long john's in my size so that I can play without getting so cold next winter.

Anna reminded me, as we were agreeing how cold we were, that I needed to get a new license. My drivers license expired today. So, we all got ready to go to Augusta (about 20 miles south) to go to DMV and renew my license. I know what you are thinking. DMV with three kids?! DMV with three kids on your birthday!? Well, I prayed all the way. The kids were great and patient, we only had to wait a half hour, and the man that served me stopped what he was doing and sang Happy Birthday to me.

Got a message from Marc's sister and her husband singing Happy Birthday, and telling us that their baby (19weeksold) is a boy! Yay for Caleb, a little boy to have around!

As a thankyou to the kids for being such good sports about the DMV trip, we got McDonalds for lunch. This is not necessarily my favorite thing to eat, but I have to admit that I love the immediate 'super-hero' status that I achieve with the kids when I turn in at the Golden Arches.

We came home and indulged in some HGTV while we ate (okay, I indulged, the kids endured). Sofia and I took an unplanned nap snuggling under a flannel blanket on the couch.

Woke up and played with my watercolors.... haven't done that for a while and have been wanting to recently.

Then it was time for a babysitter to come so Marc and I could go to a tango class sponsored by a group that we are involved with in town. Had fun at the social. Really appreciate the people that we have gotten to know in Waterville.

After dancing we went to You Know Who's Pub, where our friend Raffi was playing acoustic guitar. I sat in the pub with my best friend and listened to some terrific music, and was just overwhelmed with how full my life is.

Message from brother wishing happy birthday (and bragging about warm weather).

I am falling in love with my kids, my husband, and our little city. I love being in Maine (right now) and I am full of anticipation about what this next year of my life will hold. I can't believe I get to live this life.

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