Thursday, October 23, 2008

The bravest 3yo in the world

Sofia had a well visit this morning. It was a rather normal 3yo well visit, except that Sofia was exceptionally charming, and we have a wonderful DO (and after living in NY for years, I never take for granted our friendly family focused medical practice). But that is not the point of this blog.

After meeting with our doctor, the doctor and I began the signals and communications that a number of injections were in the immediate future... like ten minutes.

She left the room and I took Sofia on my lap. Sofia, you need to get a couple shots today. Her face scrunched and got a little red and she began to mildly fuss 'but I don't want to'.

I hugged her more closely to myself. I know honey. Nobody wants to get shots. But these shots will help you to stay healthy. So I need you to be brave and work with the nurse to get this job done. And if we do a good job we can go get a chocolate sprinkle donut.

Tears turned off, one more hug, and we read and chatted while we waited for The Nurse.

When the nurse came in Sofia began to pull up her sleeves (she had seen where I had blood drawn last week). No, no honey, we're not going to use your arms. We're going to use the top of your legs right here. So, Sofia stood up and let us pull her pants down and sat up on the examining table with me at one side holding her hand. I tucked her other hand under her leg.

Sofia do you want to look at me while she gives you the first shot? Not at all interested in my idea. No, I want to put the bandaid on. So, Nurse preps the area with alcohol. That's cold and tickles. Nurse dries area. That's warmer. Nurse pulls off cover of needle. Sofia intently watches. Mommy wants to look away, but CAN'T. Nurse pokes Sofia. Sofia says 'that hurts'. Nurse and Sofia put on bandaid together.

Next leg. Same thing, except that Sofia asks what the cold and tickly pad does and why is it followed by the warm one. She gets the answers she wants, and watches the full process again. Mommy thinks she might throw up. Sofia and Nurse put second bandaid on.

Carefully we pull up the pants so that the bandaids don't get pulled off. Okay. Let's go get the donut, and one for Anna and Caleb too.

Sheesh. She's a threee year old that is less phased by needles than most adults. We have consistently told her that her strong will will be a great strength when it is focused in the right way. I guess I was only hoping that for her (and me) until today. I saw it today. And I can't say how proud I am of her.

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Marc A. Pitman said...

That's SO COOL!

Yay Sofie!