Monday, September 01, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I think that it must be the beginning of the school year that leads me to this kind of thinking. I am full of thinking about goals and resolutions. That and our new life with no pastoring responsibilities. Well, the and extra time mental space, and the new beginnings of a school year have me all in the mindset of new things and new beginnings.

I am thinking about my health, my reading, my family. I am thinking about education goals, the place of hobbies, and ways to make my homemaking more purposeful. I am thinking about promises God has made to me, about blogging, and about our future.

I realized with quite a jolt last week that my goals had frayed back to daily and weekly to-do lists. Years ago, I had carefully (painfully to be honest) crafted a mission statement and set goals and evaluated regularly.

I am convinced there must be a way to live with the mess of our busy life with a bit more purpose and direction than I have been giving it. So with school three weeks under way (yes, we started at the beginning of August, as has been our tradition), September is going to be my special month of evaluation and reflection.

Happy New Year!

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