Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning

Yesterday was one of the few days all summer where I felt myself relax. It was amazing.

It also made getting up this morning a lot harder. Marc and Caleb were up and out by 7am (earlier than usual) and all morning I've been trying to re-situate myself in this reality. I quickly gave up on the 'regular routine' for school... not that we have much of one. Now the girls are watching Meet the Robinsons while I'm browsing blogs thinking about a second cup of coffee. And how dependent I am on bits of routine.

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renee said...

Ah, blog browsing. One of my favorite "indulgent" activities. Routine in the middle/end of summer can be kind of hard... Especially when I'm trying to keep days as open as possible to the "possibility" that the sun might shine long enough to take the kids to the beach, or go pick some blueberries. sigh.....