Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm so mad

I'm going to vent. If you love Waterville, or need to believe that I love Waterville, please don't read any further.

I have perhaps 8 hours a week that I might have the discretion to take some time to myself. Those hours happen to fall on a Saturday or Sunday, when Marc isn't working. Crazy as it sounds, sometimes I like to take that time to myself with a cozy cup of coffee.

One option is Starbucks, which I love, love, love. But I can't sit and think in this Starbucks for a long time. It's a visiting place.

The other option is Soup to Nuts. It's got yummy food, and great atmosphere to visit or to think...

Today was one of those days where I desperately wanted to go by myself with my computer to sit and think and write for about two hours. We have so much going on in our lives as a family, and I have so much going on inside of my head.

Soup to Nuts is closed on the weekends for the summer.

From a business point of view I understand this (and applaud wise business choices).

But personally for me, that left me with no place to work this afternoon. Some people would suggest the other coffee shop downtown... but ewww. It is dirty and slow and distracting.

The closest possibilities I can think of are an hour away. I hate this. I am so profoundly frustrated and angry. Yes, I know this fits the people and business demographics of Waterville... I guess it's just that I don't.

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