Monday, April 21, 2008

Homeschool evaluation

As a homeschooler in Maine, we are given a couple of options about how we will report our student's progress to the local and state authorities. We opted for standardized testing, because we figured that later in life our kids would need to know how to play the standardized test game. Fortunately, through BJU I am qualified to administer IOWA tests, one of the common tests out there.

Just got this years results for Caleb (Anna won't begin to test until 'second' grade) today. While we don't hold much stock in the tests, because we live with the kids and know how well and what they are learning, I still look forward to the feedback.

Today the news felt especially 'good job' mommy, with the summary of the test saying that Caleb our 'third' grader is performing at the level of a fifth grader in the third month of school.

and the ONly thing hE needs to Work oN is CapitALizatioN.

We are so proud of his hard work this year.

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renee said...

Way to go Em & Caleb!