Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dirigo Health (BA!)

I generally don't drink soda. My husband now brews beer at home. I don't smoke, but like to be around those who do. I enjoy wine.

While I am sympathetic to Maine families and individuals who need insurance, I can't ever see myself supporting a government run program. Because government thrives on building bureaucracy, not on making conservative choices.

In light of the new (bad) tax increase that was passed to support a government run (bad) business, I went looking for insight online.

At one place on the website

"Affordable high quality health care for all Maine people. We created Dirigo Health because all Maine people need reliable, quality health care they can afford."

At another place on the website

"We are not offering subsidized coverage to new members at this time"

In the Morning Sentinel this morning:

"Raising taxes on hundreds of thousands of Maine consumers, small businesses and families in this economy is a very bad idea," he (Chris Jackson, Maine Oil Dealers Association) said.

Yet Dirigo supporters say the overall goal of providing access to health insurance for small businesses and the self-employed is important.

Joe Ditre, executive director of Consumers for Affordable Health Care, said the taxes in the law were recommended by insurance companies, large businesses and large health care providers.

I'm just saying....

If Mainers are smart, they will stock up now on those important summer treats; or plan strategic trips through NH where we can get more for less.

Maybe I better go do some yardwork before I get too politically minded.

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