Sunday, November 04, 2007

On a lighter note.... thankfulness

Went into Walmart to pick up a few things yesterday, and heard Christmas music playing. Looked around and saw Christmas decorations. Shook my head to get my bearings, wait, isn't it November third?

Then my cynicism kicked in. Isn't that just like us.... straight from the overconsumption of Halloween to the overconsumption Christmas, with barely a pause for Thanksgiving.

It will be my intention, and it is my challenge to you, to take the time to be thankful for five things a day until the end of the year. I'm going to create a 'ThankYou spot" in our hallway for our family, and will use my blog as my personal "ThankYou spot" until 2008.

My husband
Clean carpets
Warm brownies
Good books
Flannel Sheets

PS. If you want to participate with me in my quest to be thankful, feel free to lift the "ThankYou Spot" from my side bar. : )

1 comment:

Spring Eve said...

I am going to join you! Thanks for the SPOT! :)