Friday, November 30, 2007

All in a Day's Work

  • Prayed with Marc (and drank coffee)
  • Showered and Dressed
  • Breakfast in front of the sun-lamp
  • Marathon grocery and other stuff shopping trip (with the kids)
  • Lunch
  • Started pizza dough
  • Unloaded groceries, put them away
  • School with Caleb
  • School with Anna
  • Cleaned fish tank, changed filter
  • Cleaned garage, put rest of summer stuff in attic
  • Filled and rehung bird-feeders
  • Turned on snow-blower- yep, still works (bring on the snow!)
  • Plumbing -cleared a clog, fixed a leak in the tub drain
  • Load of laundry in
  • Took another shower (you should have seen the garage!)
  • Picked up kitchen, loaded dishwasher
  • Sat for twenty minutes with Sofia
  • Went to pick up a friend's daughter at dance class and take her home
  • Came home (and parked in previously cleaned garage)
  • Switched over laundry, another load in
  • Read to Caleb
  • Ate dinner, watching Peter Pan (2003)
  • laundry switch, folded and put away todays and yesterdays clothes
  • made homemade granola (a recipe that I came up with 8 years ago, that has been in hibernation for ???? years)
  • filed last weeks homeschool work
  • prepped and pulled out next weeks homeschool work
  • Blogged

All in all, just another day.
Guess maybe I'll stop feeling guilty that "I don't work full time".

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Renee said...

ok, you don't need to feel guilty - but I do. I got bits and pieces accomplished this week but nothing compared to you wonderwoman : ) It's nice to write down all we do sometimes and realize - wow, I really do work - hard.