Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cool Mom

I rarely get to be the cool parent. I'm with the kids too often, and my spontaneity and fun isn't always in their language. Yesterday I got to be the cool parent. We were stocking up at Sams Club, and I spontaneously bought Dance Factory for myself. I had some birthday money left over, had thought about this purchase a couple months ago, and there it was at Sams, staring at me from the shelf, whispering "you know you want to". So I did. I'll blame it on the moon phase combined with the pressure system of this storm.

It came with two dance mats that connect to our PS2. What I especially love is that somehow you can put your own music cd's in the PS2, and it formats a dance for you. So you can dance to your own music.

I'm especially excited because I began back on Weight Watchers this week and am participating with Move and Improve. Can you say 'fun activity options"?
All of us are having loads of active fun!

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