Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tonight was the night to pick up my work from five weeks of pottery through our regional adult ed. None of my projects were done on the wheel. And the whole glazing thing sort of still baffles me.

The class was fun, although an odd assortment of women taking the class. Some were there for the joy of pottery, and some were there to just crank out loads and loads of Christmas crafts. I went hoping to meet people. Pottery class in Maine is not a place to meet people.

But I have gravy boat (upper left hand-I've been wanting one for eleven years!), two new mugs (will report on their coffee worthiness tomorrow), and six little hands that are marked with name and year, so that in twenty or thirty years the kids can tell their kids, this is how big my hand used to be. Am I a sap, or what?


Leeder said...

those mugs are awesome! i love pottery. i should take a class too. just like my big sister ;)

Rich said...

hmm, a little taller, & those could be Guinness steins!!

Springly1 said...

Where CAN you go to meet people? Let me know how your next experiment works out! :)

Renee said...

Lovely, lovely work Em. I wish I had something so beautiful to show for my dance classes!