Friday, November 17, 2006


WARNING: Do NOT eat. This is only meant for decoration.

1 cup ground cinnamon
1T ground cloves
1T ground nutmeg
1 T ground ginger
1 c drained applesauce (I don't know how to drain applesauce, so I just used applesauce)
2 T white craft glue

1. Combine the spices in a mixing bowl.
2. Add the applesauce and glue.
3. Work in all the ingreadients with hands until ingredients are mixed thoroughly, mine was almost spongey.
4. The recipe I'm copying says at this point you can add food coloring, but I'm not sure what the point would be.
5. Roll out the dough on a floured surface to approx. 1/4 inch thick.
6. Cut dough with cookie cutters.
7. Make a hole at the top of the ornament.
8. Lay out flat to dry in room temp. for several days (one recipe recommends turning them over).
9. When completely dry, thread the ornament. I'm thinking about using glitter glue to at least outline the ornaments.

These smell really yummy, and are supposed to keep their smell for quite a long time. I also read that you could add a bit of essential oil to it to refresh the smell.

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Renee said...

Thanks so much for the recipe. I've been looking for an ornament "recipe".