Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Astounding revelation of truth....

Today was a funk day. Anna was crabby. I was crabby. Sofia was crabby. Caleb was masterfully managing to avoid all the crabby girls around him.

I became aware over the weekend, that Caleb had no sneakers that fit him. So, in the midst of all the crabbiness, I decided that after school we were going to go buy him some sneakers.

So Crabby Number 1, Crabby Number 2, Crabby Number 3, and Caleb all piled into the van after lunch and went to the shoe store.

We found some killer sneakers for Caleb, and some cute church shoes for Anna.

And the crabbiness had left all aforementioned crabs.

So, it is true when they say shoes are a girls best friend.

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Rich said...

u rock