Sunday, February 12, 2006

In 1980, we had a school assignment to write about something we wish. I was in 2nd grade. What I wrote impressed my 1st grade teacher enough that she took it home and had her mother (who in my estimation at the time must have been an original member of the Ark) pen in calligraphy and frame it. I don't hold onto much, but this I have held onto, and it is above my desk.

"I wish I could make it rain or snow in Iran and Iraq because they are having a war. I think it would be joyful for them... I just wish that I could do that because I love the world that God made." Emily Downing 1980.

I think what strikes me most about this right now, is that Caleb is nearing the age that I was when I penned it. Did the world know in 1980 that the children of those children would be so near to writing the same prayers? In all our innocence, we want rain and snow to stop it and wash it and make it all better.

You know, I think I am just as naive about the Middle East and all the conflict and pain that is there as I was when I was in second grade. And now that I have kids... well, I still wish it would snow.

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