Thursday, February 23, 2006

I get such a sense of satisfaction of cleaning up the kitchen at night. It's like tucking in our house. I feel like I'm loving my family, loving myself (because I'm the one it really matters too), and putting all the stuff of the day away.

My kitchen also happens to be the entry point to our home, the dining room, and the place where we school. It is literally the hub of all that happens.

I love filling the dishwasher, cleaning off the counters, putting all the books back on the shelves, and swoooshing the table cloth over the table, topped with a fragrant candle.

My mother-in-law once had a plaque that said "A clean house is the sign of a mis-spent life." I can't bring myself to agree with that. I understand the sentiment, and I certainly believe that my family is way more important than the structure around us. But for me, there is something in tucking in our house, or mopping the floor, or cleaning up around the toilet that feels like I'm spending my life on taking care of my family - and myself.

I guess I should also share that I am not nearly so aware of what is behind closed doors or drawers. You would only have to come in and look in any drawer or cupboard, and find that I relish the open, throw, close it fast method of clean up.

We could probably go into some deep analysis of me at this point, couldn't we? So let's just leave at this.. I really like to tuck my house in at night.

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