Monday, February 06, 2012

Roman Shade #2

Last May,  I shared my success story with shade #1.

Yesterday, only 8 months later, I finished and mounted (with Marc's help) shade #2.

The directions and details are in the May post. This second shade was made the same way, but the window was bigger so I had new math to figure out. This window is wide enough so the 4ft dowels that I used for the ribs in the first shade wouldn't work. For some reason, that was a real hang up for me. The solution, make the rib sleeves a little wider, and use two dowels that meet and overlap in the middle of the sleeve. 

This was also a very interrupted project. And each time I began to work on it, I had to figure it out for what felt like the first time again. (Life lesson in there, somewhere.)

But it is done now. 

And adds lovely color and privacy to my sweet girls room.


Meg said...

love lovelove love love love love them. Like, a lot.

lillian lake said...

Love these! So glad to see you are feeling creative again!