Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Story to Celebrate

Each Sunday, our church has a time to share our 'celebrations and concerns'. Our community take a leisurely time sharing, listening, agreeing, celebrating. It is one of my favorite things about our church.

This morning, a man moved from his position as usher in the rear to stand behind his wife. He straightened the lapel on his bright, red blazer as he cleared his throat. With his hand on his wife's shoulder, he shared 'This week we will be celebrating our 55th anniversary'.

We rejoiced with him as he moved back to his place as usher. And that would be enough to celebrate, right?

What caught in my throat, though, was when the usher that was serving beside him stood up and walked forward to meet him in a huge embrace. It was a hug only people who have been through a lot together - the hug of true friends and comrades.

I think both are worthy of celebrating, and both part of a very good story.

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