Friday, December 26, 2008

Thinking ahead....

I meant to begin thinking and praying about my goals for 2009 four weeks ago. I didn't. Well, I didn't do it in the way that I thought I would - you know, all contemplative and with my journal, maybe a new journal and a new pen, maybe a night away in a cushy hotel room ...

Even though I have mixed feelings about the whole New Years Resolution thing, I do think there is a great deal of wisdom in having a time to evaluate the past and set the course for the future. For me right now, it is happening when I get to open a new calendar on our wall for a new year.

So, as I get quiet moments (basically when I shower) I've been thinking about the new year. My biggest problem is that I need a place to remember what I'm thinking.

So here I am on my blog. Thinking about things for the new year.

Some of my ideas: reading (2 books a month?), writing letters (1 a week?), weight loss (10 lbs a month?), gym (4 times a week), community (???), Masters (in what, when, where?), church (?), homeschool (?), marriage (?), kids (?), crafts and hobbies (?), blogging (?)

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Meg said...

I really like Amy's take on resolutions. I keep meaning to do this- might be a good way to jump start some goal setting.

Personally I think I do better in bite sized chunks. Daily and weekly goals.

But I am bad @ setting them. LOok at that- a goal.