Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping. Or, to the women at Joann's this morning.

I knew it was a foolish long shot to try to be at Joann's this morning. I know that they have a crappy inventory, and that the chance of getting the fabric for a Christmas pj's was slim. But when you look at the opportunity of paying $1.49 for fabric that normally costs $5.99 - I guess it makes you a little crazy.

I did it anyway. For the sake of sanity, I did NOT set an alarm. I simply went to bed and said, 'If I'm awake, then I'll get up and go'. As it was I WAS awake, and I did go. I arrived at 6:10, the store opened at 6:00.

I knew precisely which fabric I wanted and where it should be. I headed to the corner. Passed the cutting counter. Where there was a line of women with carts full of bolts of fabric, my kind of fabric (not my pattern), buying the WHOLE bolts. I can't really blame them. I can try to feel sorry for them. Maybe I should even say 'good for them'.

My fabric was NOT on the rack. I cruised the store looking for it in someone's arms. Didn't see it anywhere.

Fortunately the gym that I go to is in the same plaza, and I had gone prepared for that... so that I at least wouldn't WASTE being out before 7 on a holiday morning.

Now I'm home. I'm showered. I've had coffee and yummy sweet bread. I'm with my favorite family watching the cat chase a wind up car.

And I've bought my fabric. At a 50% discount. And it will be coming to my door in less than a week.

And my arms don't hurt. And my legs aren't tired. And my attitude for the holidays has not been too imprinted by lines, crowds and rushes at door breaker deals.

So there.

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