Friday, March 14, 2008

Opinion Polls....

Last night I got a 100% approval rating from the voters (the kids).

We had an early dinner, went to an indoor heated pool as a family and swam for a little over an hour, came home, warmed our pajamas in the dryer before putting them on, and then ate warm oatmeal bread straight from the bread-maker. We said our thank-you Jesus' around the table and went to bed all warm and cozy.

I was thinking as I went to bed (to watch Murder, She Wrote - season 2 - thankyou Netflix Instant) how giddy it made me feel to get such a good rating from the voters. It almost made me forget the 10% approval rating I'd gotten earlier in the day, or the 30% from the day before.

What a temptation to parent (or lead) according to the opinion polls!

A couple weeks ago in women's kinship we watched a video (forgive me, I can't remember who was speaking off the top of my head), and one of the things that has stuck with me from it was the phrase 'who is in your grandstand?' - meaning are we doing our life for God, or for all the other people we put in the place of needing/wanting their approval.... parents, spouses, children.

So, while I thank God for giving me a moment where I got to enjoy such a high rating from the voters, my prayer is that I would be even more satisfied in Living to Him - the One in my Grandstand.

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