Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Piercing my nose....

So last Thanksgiving, after a bad Starbucks experience, I rather spontaneously went to get my nose pierced. Except it wasn't really spontaneous because I had wanted to get it pierced for nearly 8 years.

Today, I felt like doing some extra nose exfoliation, so I took out the nose ring and tackled those large dirty pores.

Problem was that I forgot to put the nose ring back in. Until about thirty minutes ago, when I saw it sitting on the counter in the bathroom. I went to put the ring (properly called a nasal screw) back in. Blocked door. Tried again. It isn't easy to put in a nasal screw... still no luck. Looked closer.

Hmmm. Am I ready to give up my nose jewelry? Hmmm. God, are you ready for me to give up my nose jewelry? I get a no to the first question, and a no answer from the second. So what do I do? How to fix it??

I paw through my jewelry box and find one of those earring with the really sharp end from when the girls got their ears pierced.

Alcohol. Check. Earring to break the hole. Check. Nasal screw to insert after the operation. Check. Q-tips. Check.

So I swab, stick, swab, push a little harder. OW.

Caleb comes in and asks for lego help.

"Mom, can you help me."
"No Caleb I'm trying to put my nose ring back in." (This is a typical pastor's wife/pastor's son conversation... right?)
"I didn't know you took it out. Are you supposed to?"
"Apparently not for this long because it's not going in. So no I can't help you, and would appreciate if you would go out and shut the door so I can cry alone."
"Okay, mom."

Swab, push, almost through. This really hurts. Okay. The post is through. Do I pull it out or leave it in for a few minutes to secure the hole? Who knows. I go get a drink (of WATER) and move onto the second part of the operation.

Stud out. Swab. Screw in. WOW. Really in.

I don't think I will make the same mistake again. But, now I know that if I want to ditch the nose ring thing, it will only take 6-8 hours for the hole to begin to look and behave like those pesky large pores that started this whole thing in the first place.

Now some of you are thinking... I DID NOT need to know this. I know. But if you did something as silly as I just did wouldn't you want to blog about it?

And while we're at odd topics. Does anyone have any better solution for tackling those large pores on my nose and chin?


Anonymous said...

Really Emily, a nose ring? I had no idea.
It is Jean (Fairbairn)Moore here. I was wondering what in the world you were up to and I'm glad to see that you are living happily in Maine.
I would love to chat with you at some point. God deals us a funny hand sometimes. My husband and I are now the site directors at Wanakee. I would love to hear from you. Drop a line:

Renee said...

I laughed at your blog and could relate. Shortly after I got my nose pierced the screw came out when I was toweling off after a shower. I also asked God "is this your way of telling me I shouldn't have a nose ring?" question. I seemed to get a negative response so I shooed the kids out of the bathroom while I tried to get the screw back in my nose. Ouch, that was painful.

A couple weeks ago it came out during the night, have no idea how, and I was easily able to get it in the following day.

I too would like to know how to deal with pesky nose & chin pores...

Rich said...

I don't think I know what to say...

Anonymous said...

Em--Kathleen, here--I'm having a really pissed off morning and Marc's blog was in my Inbox, which led me to this post and I just cracked up! Thanks for lightening up my day!

P.S. Not only is the Lego conversation a normal one for a pastor's wife/son--at least at VCW--but it is also normal for one of the congregation to actually dare comment about being pissed off! And I thank God we are a church that can do that!

Queen In My House of Blue said...

hahahaha! totally cracked me up girl! I want my nose done!! I don't think Keith cares either way!
How are you guys!?!!!