Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ohh Noo Sudokooo

I've been told, I've been warned, I've been encouraged... Emily, you will really enjoy Sudoku puzzles.

I looked through a book of the puzzles at my Mom's house over this past weekend.... hmmm.. that does look kind of fun.

Then as I was 'quickly' picking something up at Wally-World, there was an end-cap display of Sudoku puzzle books for $1.

I tried one this morning. Then two... three... four.

I think I'm hooked. (Of course I'm still in the "very easy" section of the puzzles, too. I'll let you know how I feel when I'm upgraded to "Easy".)

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Rich said...

Sudoku (数独
I would never have thought you might be ADD like me, needing constant mental diversions....