Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Look what I made! This is going to be the kid's major Easter present this year. I had seen one of these puppet theatre's that hangs in a door in one of the many catalogs that come my way. I really loved the idea, but had this nagging sense that surely it couldn't be that difficult to make. Most of the puppet theatre's that I looked at were going for over fifty dollars. I am pleased to report, that my puppet theatre cost about five dollars - the cost of two tension rods. The rest of the material was all stuff I had on hand.

So this Sunday (Easter) will be the grand opening of the Pitman Puppet Troupe... maybe there will be more pictures next week.


brucey said...

cool!! you're so clever!
i say now you prepare a little play with marionette goats & yodeling :)

love you!

Renee said...

You are amazing Em. How creative. I finally gave a few of our puppets to goodwill and saved some of my favorites. Our kids haven't really gotten into puppet shows... I haven't gotten down on the floor with them, so to speak and encouraged it either. Maybe we could come watch a puppet show and be inspired!