Saturday, March 04, 2006

The anatomy of a LadyBug

We are celebrating Sofia's 1st birthday tomorrow. Today, I made an army of ladybug cupcakes for the celebration. I made cupcakes. Then I tinted vanilla frosting with all the red food coloring I could find in the cupboard. The eyes and spots are everyone's favorite - M&M's. And the stripes and antennas are made with Twisted Twizzlers.

Aside from the cupcakes and the presents that we've bought, this will be probably the lowest key first birthday that we've done for our kids. Ahh - the price of being the third child. Fortunately my parents and niece will come down tomorrow to sing and eat the ladybug army.
I'm not entirely sure how I have painted myself into the birthday party corner. I never intended to be a mom that threw a party for every birthday every year. So, I feel a bit liberated that I'm not pulling out all the stops this time, but feel a bit bummed that it's Sofia's 1st birthday is the one to meet my birthday party liberation.
But she is named as my Companion of Wisdom, so maybe more and more she and I will learn together about the important ways to celebrate the important things.

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